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How Robot Grinding Is Used

How Robot Grinding Is Used

Precise force control

Modern robotic grinding and finishing systems can precisely control force applied in manufacturing, which, not only contributes to a safer work environment, but also helps improve product quality. Typically, the force is controlled by fixed passive control, variable passive control, or active force control feedback.

Use the Proper Robot

Often, wrong size robots may be used for grinding and finishing applications. Assess where your robot needs to go and determine the proper size. A six-axis robot may be required, but there are also industrial and collaborative options depending on your specific application.

Use Suitable Grinding Machine & Equipment

There are many considerations when choosing the right robotic equipment, which can sometimes lead to neglect of basic grinding and finishing equipment. Make sure you have enough horsepower and find the right balance between stiffness and flexibility of the contact wheels. Similarly, finding the right abrasive is an iterative process, so it's important to take the time to make sure you find the right grinding and polishing equipment.